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Turnkey solution for your Brand delivered in less than 90 days

Enter the Digital Realm

With Our Win - Win Solution


Step into the digital domain, and create a buzz around the globe for your brand.


Increase customer loyalty and engagement, building long-term relationships.


Open up new revenue channels and boost your CLTV in the thriving digital economy.

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World Class 3D Art

Launch personalized and attractive digital collection

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Discover a captivating digital collection, crafted to resonate with your brand's story

Bring your vision to life with an unmatched level of detail and creativity

Build an immersive experience and mesmerize your audience

Technology & Infrastructure

Offer personalized experiences to your audience based on their preferences.

Add secure and certified digital assets to your product lineup. 

Create a vibrant exchange platform, generating revenue from secondary market sales.

Turnkey solution -
Digital Collectibles

Customer Loyalty Amplification

Our Digital Collectibles service enhances customer engagement and loyalty, unlocking new revenue opportunities and boosting CLTV.

Exquisite 3D Art

Sell personalized, attractive digital assets created with top-notch 3D artistry, designed to resonate with a global audience.

Robust Technological Foundation

With a strong infrastructure, provide secure, certified digital assets and develop an exchange platform, offering a VIP experience to your audience.

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3D Motion animations
& trailers

Spectacular FX Effects

Enhance your animations and 3D objects with eye-catching FX effects, boosting the visual appeal of your trailers.

Tailored Simulations

Our detailed animations, created for specific narrative needs, ensure your trailers connect deeply with the audience, evoking the intended emotions.

Comprehensive Post-Production

With services including rendering, lighting, and compositing, we refine every aspect of your animation, ensuring a cinematic quality.

Digital Assets for web3

Artistic NFTs

Build your collection with our carefully crafted artwork, tailored to reflect your brand's essence and ensure captivating appeal.

Brand-Centric Design

Every piece of art we create is designed to resonate with your brand's values, creating an engaging narrative that boosts brand recognition and loyalty.

Future-Proof Collection

We help ensure your digital assets stay relevant by creating a timeless collection that continues to engage audiences in the evolving digital landscape.


Creative Director



Katarzyna KonieczkaKatarzyna Konieczka

Katarzyna Konieczka

queen of chaos

director katarzyna konieczka banner

Award-winning graduate of the International School of Costume and Fashion Design. Featured on CNN's list of top 10 designers of the future. She has worked with Vogue, I-D Magazine, and Top Model, among others. She created costumes for figures such as Fergie, David LaChapelle, Lady Gaga and Nergal of Behemoth, to name a few. Some of her most recent work has been done for the John Malkovich movie "Mindcage”.

gallery image

Madonna crown For Vanity Fair italia Cover story.

gallery image

Medical collar For I-D Magazine cover story Super Models.

gallery image

Costume designer creative For Mindcage movie.

gallery image

Medical collars For Fergie music video „A Little Work”.

gallery image

Medical corset costume design. Photo shoot with Maciej Boryna.

Vision & Management

Piotr BorowiecPiotr Borowiec

Piotr Borowiec

The Creator



The Architect

Art & Fashion

Uliana VelgoshUliana Velgosh

Uliana Velgosh

Visual Shaman

Wojciech MagierskiWojciech Magierski

Wojciech Magierski

Lord of Dimensions

Maciek BernasMaciek Bernas

Maciek Bernas


Lisa KolbLisa Kolb

Lisa Kolb

The Oracle

Ida LukaszewiczIda Lukaszewicz

Ida Lukaszewicz

Matter Builder

Piotr WątrobaPiotr Wątroba

Piotr Wątroba

Void Artisan


Kamil LeśniakKamil Leśniak

Kamil Leśniak

Wicked Tinkerer

Artur ChmaroArtur Chmaro

Artur Chmaro

Abyssal Jeweler


Arek WróbelArek Wróbel

Arek Wróbel

ARK Guide

Michał WróblewskiMichał Wróblewski

Michał Wróblewski

The Merger



The Magic Maker



You are not different.

You are one of us.

We are one.


Kevin Van de LuitgaardenKevin Van de Luitgaarden

Kevin Van de Luitgaarden


Fredrik MauersbergerFredrik Mauersberger

Fredrik Mauersberger


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After thousands of years in exile, we can finally repay the debt we owe to humanity.

We are waiting next to you, in a parallel world, on the border of dimensions to send you a collection of avatars ready to merge with the most awakened of you.

Join us and master the digital realms!


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NFT Nerds

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